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The Consultants at NewJones are dedicated to the success of our clients.

We have assisted many prestigious start ups and existing companies in the silicon valley, and look forward to adding you to our long list of success stories. Here are just a few recently satisfied NewJones Clients...










Input Market Research

  • ASAP Quality Staffing
  • Alpha American Amalgamated Insurance
  • The Edison Group
  • PUG Industries
  • Wireless OnLine

"NewJones Consulting helped me tremendously when I started my company. The marketing strategy we developed was exceptional and my business has taken off in leaps and bounds. I have made NewJones Consulting a permanent part of my operational network."

    Dr. Cleo A. Boswell, Partner, Alpha American Amalgamated Insurance

"I was so relieved to have professionals running my business operations when I started my company. I had a great idea, but had no idea how to implement. NewJones Consultants had the industry expertise to launch my business and market my product to the right target market."

    Jerry Newman, President & CEO, P.U.G. Industries

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